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The LA Times throws its Labor Day Weekend food fest. Place? Paramount.



    THE TASTE returns to Paramount's backlot from Saturday, Sept. 1 through Monday, Sept. 3.

    THE TASTE may go the all-capitals route with its name, but that bigness is right and good. After all, the three-day Labor Day Weekend food party has a backer whose name you might recognize -- the Los Angeles Time -- and a location you might have heard of -- Paramount Studios.

    And that's not even bringing what is being served and who is doing the cooking in the mix. Those things deserve all-capital-letter'd pronouncements, too. THE TASTE puts the spotlight on "the Southern California culinary scene," which is major. How major? Chef stars like Susan Feniger, Nancy Silverton, and Ludo Lefebre all will play a part in the holiday weekend bash, as will players from over four dozen of LA's most lauded restaurants.

    Here's the breakdown on THE TASTE: There are a number of demos and tastings and special sessions, so you'll want to choose what you want to participate in and go from there. Catching the eye this year? A Labor Day Picnic presented by Target on Monday, Sept. 3; sandwiches get the love with that. We also like the Cocktail Confidential on Saturday, Sept. 1; Times nightlife maven Jessica Gelt leads the likely lively discussion on mixed libations.

    There are loads of things to choose from, in short. All events are 21+ save the Labor Day Picnic. And while tickets start at $65, that price'll go up starting on Sept. 1, so note that fact.

    And speaking of facts, let's not even go into the fact that while other cities the world over might have fine food festivals spotlighting local food-makers, they don't have Paramount Studios. It had to be said. Go enjoy a one-of-a-kind setting while you snack on your sandwich, we say.

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