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The Beverages of Oscar

The Avalon in Beverly Hills has a movie-worthy drink menu.



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    What Oscar-nominated movie will you raise a toast to?

    The Oscars aren't just the Oscars, of course.

    That's not meant to be a riddle. If you've lived in LA for more than three weeks, you know what we mean. The Academy Awards have a wide reach 'round these parts, and they unfurl well beyond the big show itself. The awards end up in our party decorations and our museum exhibits and yes, our cocktails.

    So popular are Oscar-themed cocktails that they show up not just at private parties but local establishments as well. We're eyeing the drink menu at the Avalon in Beverly Hills for just that reason, and just because their slew of silver-screen beverages looks so tasty.

    Favorites? A Crackerjack Martini in honor of "Moneyball" (butterscotch Schnapps is one of the mix-ins). Schnapps is also present -- vanilla Schnapps, we should say -- in the Black & White. Guess which movie that's supporting? Yep. "The Artist."

    The menu is available at Avalon's Oliverio Restaurant through Monday, Feb. 27. Meaning if you didn't win that Oscar on Sunday, Feb. 26, you can still visit the hotel the next day to raise a glass and wish for better luck next season.