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"The Jewel Has Lost Its Luster"



    One of the venues at the center of the Sunset Strip music scene was the center of attention Tuesday night at City Hall.

    West Hollywood officials are considering a plan to replace the tin-roofed House of Blues with the seven story Sunset Time development.

    The House of Blues has been at 8430 Sunset Boulevard since 1994. Some residents at the well attended meeting said it's time for the rustic building to become a faded memory.

    "The jewel has lost its luster," one resident told the council.

    House of Blues Sings the Blues in West Hollywood

    [LA] House of Blues Sings the Blues in West Hollywood
    The West Hollywood city council is considering tearing down the famous "House of Blues" on the Sunset Strip, to make room for a much larger commercial development.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010)

    The Sunset Time development includes 149 hotel rooms, condominiums and affordable housing units. It's a 35,000-square foot project. The council voted, 4-1, in support of the project Tuesday night.

    "It's a significant investment in the future of our community while much of corporate America is sitting on the sidelines waiting for the economy to improve itself," a resident said.
    There were concerns about a large wrap-around electronic billboard.

    "We just seem to be prostituting ourselves for a few quick bucks," a resident said.
    Councilwoman Lindsay Horvath noted the famous nightclub -- the site of a fatal stabbing four years ago -- has become part of Sunset Strip culture. She said she hopes the new development will make its mark with music.

    The House of Blues could extend the lease for the location until 2025.