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Three Words: German Stout Brownies. Thank You, Beer



    Three Words: German Stout Brownies. Thank You, Beer
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    A little for this yummy dish we're making, a little for us. Learn how to cook with beer, on Thursday, January 22.

    Cooking with beer? Probably not *quite* as popular as adding wine to a big soup-y pot of braised meat, but there are serious fans who'd like to change that. After all, beer boasts hoppy-depth, loads of body, and wheat-y notes that wine just can't bring (sorry wine; we're still your friend). Good stuff. Or as Homer might say, "beeeeer" (well put, we think).

    Chefs, Inc. is holding a full-on class, helmed by Barrs Lang, devoted to the joys of that famously foam-y beverage, and the rich zing it can bring to meals that didn't even know they needed beer. On the to-make menu: Curried Apple and Sweet Potato soup (ideal for this damp weather), London Broil Braised in Dark Ale and -- hello, delicious -- Scotch Ale Spuds (excuse us while we pause to let those luscious words role around in our heads).

    Okay, we're back, and we've brought three more words: German Stout Brownies. Stout, which has a creaminess unknown to most scientists, sounds like the perfect pairing with those chocolate squares of eternal wonder.

    The cooking school advises students to bring their own beer to enjoy with the meal they make. Raise a glass to that!

    Cooking with Beer
    Thursday, January 22, 6:30PM
    Chefs, Inc., 10955 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles