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Together at Last: Funnel Cake, Bacon, Chocolate

Some foods should never happen... but when they do, remember to take your photo with them



    Together at Last: Funnel Cake, Bacon, Chocolate
    Jeff Patten, via Twitter

    It sounds like something you'd eat on a dare.

    According to the OC Register's Around Disney blog, an unhealthy alliance involving funnel cake, bacon and chocolate was formed Sunday at Knott's Berry Farm. We wouldn't have believed it either, if not for photographic and Twittergraphic evidence from theme park visitors.

    Here's a review from TheCosmicJester: "@knottsbrryfarm That bacon chocolate funnel cake was messy indeed. But what a delicious mess. You guys rock."

    SoCalFuhFuh agreed: "Super awesomeness! Bacon and chocolate funnel cake from @knottsbrryfarm."

    Another tweet earlier that day from SoCalFuhFuh: "Banana mayonnaise????? Where!?!?!"
    As with most brilliant ideas, it started as a joke. The Register reported that one of the park's entertainment heads asked fans on Twitter what kind of funnel cakes they'd like at last weekend's West Coast Bash event.

    With the North Carolina State Fair already having introduced deep-fried Ho-Hos, followers put a new twist under the Minnesota State Fair's chocolate-covered-bacon-in-a-cup concept.

    A Knott's spokeswoman told the Register that about 20 bacon-chocolate funnel cakes were sold on Sunday.

    Fans of wreckless eating might be disappointed to hear it was a one-time offering.