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"Top Chef" Tour Cooks in Hollywood

There will be cheftestant sightings. Oh yes.



    "Top Chef" Tour Cooks in Hollywood
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    Hosea Rosenberg is pictured on the 2009 Top Chef Tour.

    Foodies who love "Top Chef" are some of the most devoted fans in all of the reality-televisionverse.

    They'll travel to dine at whatever restaurant their favorite cheftestant cooks at. Oh yes, we said "cheftestant.'

    But now the cheftestants, or several of them, are coming to us. Chefs Eli Kirshtein and Hosea Rosenberg are scheduled to appear at Hollywood & Highland on Monday, June 14 and Tuesday, June 15, part of the summer "Top Chef" tour.

    On Wednesday, June 16, the tour heads for Culver City, where Richard Blais and CJ Jacobsen will be appearing. There will be games and other trivia-related to-dos that the fan-foodies will definitely be into.

    If you miss all three days, Irvine is up next. We're pretty lucky, we SoCalers; most cities around the country get one day, and really, we have four.

    Check out the schedule/chefs.