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Twitterin' Trucks Nab National News Love

It's that time again.



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    Border Grill
    The Border Grill truck got the national news love on November 15th, 2009; find it on Twitter.

    The LA food trucks have been in our hearts (and stomachs) for, well. Years now, but when national news takes note, we feel a swelling of local pride.

    Can you feel local pride over a foodstuff you only eat? That you don't, yourself, make? We think so.

    That pride swelled to major proportions when CBS Sunday Morning gave a number of our one-of-a-kind griddles-on-wheels the national shout-out over the weekend. With that in mind, and since Twitter recently introduced the oh-so-helpful Lists feature, and we can only assume you've got a list devoted to LA food trucks, we'll round-up the ones CBS spotlighted here:

    @Marked5 ("Japanese Style Burgers") 

    @BorderGrill ("Gourmet tacos" and more)

    @COOLHAUS (gourmet ice cream sammies)

    @kogibbq (Korean BBQ Taco Truck)

    @Letsbefrank ("Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs")

    Question: Can all five be enjoyed in one day? We're sure someone has a Twitter challenge going already.