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Two Days Only: Special Grammy Cocktails

Five drinks, two days, with a splash of music celebrity.



    Two Days Only: Special Grammy Cocktails
    James Merrell
    The Black Eyed Pea cocktail; sip it during the Grammys at Katsuya at LA Live.

    The big event, a nearby restaurant, potent libations. Sounds like Grammy weekend in Los Angeles.

    The big event, of course, is the Grammy Awards, which happen on Sunday, January 31st at STAPLES Center. The nearby restaurant is Katsuya at LA Live. And the potent libations? Five cocktails with monikers that bring to mind the Record of the Year nominees.

    On the list: the Beyonce Bellini. Lady Gagarita (we can guess you know what this is a take-off on). The Black-Eyed Pea, which is infused with sugarsnap peas. The Kings of Leon have a spicy concoction that includes Serrano chili and vodka. And the Taylor Made.

    Fret not, Taylor Swift fans. The singer is not yet 21, so her namesake drink is a full-on mocktail, meaning it doesn't contain any alcohol. Just watermelon and cucumber, basically. Sounds like the second week of May, in a glass.

    Prices start at $10 and end at $14. Katsuya at LA Live is serving the drinks all weekend, but, of course, the optimal time to enjoy them is during the show, which will be broadcast in the restaurant.

    And yes, you can root for Gaga and drink a Kings of Leon.