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Vino, Bites, and Maybe a Roller Coaster Ride, Too



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    Rieslings and roller coasters, oh my. Disney's California Food & Wine Festival opens on April 24.

    When we're at Disney's California Adventure we're usually a) screaming on Tower of Terror or b) getting soaked on the rapids ride. So adding a new letter -- c) going gourmet -- intrigues us.  Disney's California Food & Wine Festival, centered in and around Disney's California Adventure Theme Park, is all about going gourmet with tastes and tonics from around the Golden State.

    Running from April 24 through June 7, the Festival focuses on big events, like the weekend-y Festival Wine Receptions, as well as a few major to-dos with celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri and John Lasseter (yep, the Pixar guy, who just happens to be involved in a winery). And there are various seminars and demonstrations going on daily in California Adventure.

    Look, we're not knocking the corn-dog and cotton-candy route. We love the corn-dog route. But, after a few lines and too much sunshine, sipping a glass of chardonnay while listening to a famous cook or vintner talk shop definitely appeals.