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Tender Greens New GoBars



    Tender Greens New GoBars
    Tender Greens
    Tender Greens in West Hollywood has just debuted a line of energy bars; they're for sale at the restaurant

    GoBars: We like when a restaurant gets into take-home foods you can purchase on your way out; think mustards or wines. We'll add energy bars to that list, now that Tender Greens has created a line of three. Flavors: Blueberry/white chocolate, tropical fruit, and chocolate espresso bean. They're $3 a pop, and should keep us peppy for WeHo-based gallery strolling.

    MAD FOR PEACOCK: The peacock feather, that staple of living-room vases, and, well, peacocks, is so very pretty when echoed on clothing. A dress at Forever 21 does just that. We're not saying you have to strut in this little number, but, well, if you're going to be true to your feathered friends... Bead Trim Tiered Dress, $27.80

    CHARMING CAMEO: Cameo charms and necklaces, of course, don't *just* have to depict women, although traditionally they do. They can show other things like, yes, peacocks. We're on a kick, and a good one. This is a very pretty, very fine-feathery number from daliadaliak, with little pearly bits to boot. $18