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Where Bacon-y, Mouth-Bliss Dreams Come True



    Where Bacon-y, Mouth-Bliss Dreams Come True
    Like your smoky meats and sugary treats all in one glorious, sticky bite? The Nickel Diner can help you out...

    Unusual dishes in LA catch fire fast. Word spreads, people have to try (because we Angelenos love having opinions on everything we taste/touch/smell the moment we taste/touch/smell them), and suddenly, you've got some famous menu item, like the Huell Howser hot dog at Pink's. 

    Which brings us to 2009's first tasty try: the Bacon Donut at the Nickel Diner on Main Street downtown. The offbeat breakfast staple was gathering sweet steam in the late fall, and we vowed to make a field trip to the Nickel after the holidays. No scrunched-up nose, "can you do that to a donut" attitude from us; we've been committed bacon/pancake-syrup combiners for years.

    The Nickel Diner: bustling, crowded, full of cute, bespectacled guys sporting bushy beards. Plus more cute, messenger bag-sporting patrons waiting outside to be seated. Donut: Glaze-y, with almost a frosting of bacon on top. The bacon crumbles are thick and chewy and salty and delicious. The sweet beneath is sticky and classic. Share it with a friend? We did, but we instantly regretted not getting our own.

    Huell Howser hot dog, you may have a meaty run for your money...

    Nickel Diner, 524 S. Main Street, Los Angeles