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Wood-Burning Oven on Wheels

Food trucks continue to evolve. Next up: the wood-fired pizza.



    Wood-Burning Oven on Wheels
    The Urban Oven
    The Urban Oven'll fire up your pizza over wood (which happens to be over wheels).

    There comes a point in all lives where we kind of settle into the person we are. Our good points? They're all right. Our bad points? Eh, what can you?

    But the evolving and forward motion, while never fully stopping, slows down.

    We'd say this particular arc can be applied to all living things, as well as non-living things, but there is one notable exception: food trucks. The boom that began a few years back hasn't lessened, and the wheeled wonders keep adapting and changing as they specialize in niche cuisines and ingredients.

    Next up? Wood-fired ovens. On wheels.

    One doesn't normally think of a wood-fired anything being aboard a vehicle, yet that's the trend that started popping up in earnest a few months back, with pizza trucks around the country. And now our own fair city has truck that travels with its own logs for crackling: The Urban Oven.

    Chef Scott Tremonti is behind the wooden, long-handled pizza plank. And the pies themselves? Capital "A" Artisanal.

    Think Margherita with Buffalo Mozzarella. Or Potato Leek. Or Homemade Fennel Sausage with Calabrian Chiles. And beneath all of the fancy ingredients? A crust boasting a zing of sourdough.

    Want to find where Chef Tremonti is rolling next with his magical logs?Keep an eye on Urban Over's Twitter account.

    So what's the next kitchen appliance or feature headed for the food trucks? You know something is in the pipeline. Has there been a food truck with its own pool on top yet? Don't laugh; you've seen hot tubs on the back of limos, right? Somewhere some super-secret food truck committee is thinking up something downright devious.

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