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Would You Let This Man Cook Your Turkey?

Voters say Thanksgiving from 'Hell's' would be heavenly.



    Would You Let This Man Cook Your Turkey?
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    If your heart goes into your food, does it taste sour when you're cranky? Chef Gordon Ramsay is infamous for cooking with tough love on 'Hell's Kitchen.' But foodies flock to his WeHo restaurant.

    TV.com voters apparently like a heaping bowl of screaming obscenities with their Thanksgiving turkey. When asked which famous chef they'd like to cook their turkey-day meal, they picked Gordon Ramsay, head chef of reality TV show 'Hell's Kitchen.'

    Ramsay's signature style is to shout at his on-air students, reducing many to puddles of quivering nerves by cursing and lobbing insults while they slave over hot stoves. (Come to think of it, that sounds a little like our kitchen right before the guests arrive.)

    How Ramsay's table-side manner won over sunny Rachael Ray or jolly Emeril Lagasse is a mystery on what's supposed to be a peaceful, nap-filled food coma day. But that's not to say the man's food isn't darn tasty. Get a gourmet Gordon meal without the surly sides at Gordon Ramsay at the London in West Hollywood. Get inside Ramsay's hot head with the chef's tasting menu, which gets you seven courses of his Western-meets-Asian cooking for $85.