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Your Election Day Eats and Drinks

Colorful cupcakes? Half-off fries? Local restaurants are marking the occasion



    Your Election Day Eats and Drinks
    Find a slice of apple pie, and other election day eats (and drinks).

    We voters take Election Day seriously, of course, as we do and we must. But over the course of the day we also seek sustenance, as we do most Tuesdays. And, by the close of the day, some Americans are ready to gather and raise a glass as they await news.

    In short, food has and always will play a roll in our elections. And while a half-century ago food-based gatherings tended to be a bit impromptu -- members of a party gathering at the corner tavern in the evening -- today restaurants and bars plan for the stars-and-stripes-emblazoned event.

    Here are a few Election Day (and night) specials:

    Magnolia Bakery: The West Third Street pastry house is offering a Patriot Pack for $24. Picture miniature vanilla and chocolate cupcakes bedecked in red, white, and blue sprinkles.

    Omni Hotel: A number of themed cocktails will be in the shakers, including Swing State (a take-off on the Cosmo) and The Thin Margin (iced tea-flavored vodka is one ingredient). There are red- and blue-saluting beverages as well.

    Burger Lounge: Show up at any of the eight BL's around LA or San Diego with your "I Voted" sticker and get a free "1/2 and 1/2" combo -- housemade onion rings and twice-fried, handcut french fries. Mmm. (Note: Just be sure to buy another menu item to snag your 1/2 and 1/2. You'll totally want a milkshake or burger, right?)

    Cafe del Rey: The water-close hangout will offer a bevy of aptly monikered libations, including the 270, which comes bearing both blue (in the form of curacao) and red (in the form of grenadine).

    Post and Beam: Enjoy "classic American dishes" in Baldwin Hills via a special three-course prix-fixe menu. Cost? $26.

    Du-par's: Nope, there are no special election night deals, but we'll include this California classic before we go. One? It reminds us of where people might have hung out 50 or 60 years ago after an exciting day of election-izing. And two? Their perfect apple pie just sounds right to finish off Nov. 6. And three? The Farmers Market and Studio City diners are open all-night, in case you need one last place to wind down and talk it all out.

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