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dineLA Restaurant Week Opens



    dineLA Restaurant Week Opens
    Chefs stand with the dineLA Restaurant Week truck.

    Things to know about dineLA Restaurant Week up front. 1) It's actually two weeks, with a one-day break in-between. 2) It's bigger than the last go-around, with some 200+ eateries offering discounts. And 3) there was food truck. For the first time. Ever.

    Trucks delivering ice cream sandwiches and barbecue and cupcakes have been making headlines in the foodie world for some time now, so it makes perfect sense that dineLA would procure a set of wheels of its own. The truck roamed LA ahead of the official dineLA Restaurant Week launch, as a way to spread the word and give out some complimentary tastes.

    And the tastes ran the gourmet gamut, due to a fresh chef at the wheel -- or in the truck's kitchen, rather -- each of the five days the truck was on the streets. The dineLA drive took it through lots of spots, including Beverly Hills (where prime rib sliders were served) and downtown. You can follow its whole lip-smacking path on Twitter.

    The truck has parked and the party has begun at the 200+ restaurants around town. Eye place/deals here.

    Now, a suggestion. Hi, dineLA. How are you? Good. So, we were thinking that maybe the dineLA food truck could be a permanent fixture around town? All year long, and not just in the days leading up to Restaurant Week? Thoughts?

    dineLA Restaurant Week runs October 4th-9th and October 11th-16th.