Fosselmans Greets the New Year With a New Ice Cream

It isn't summer or even quite summery out, but January sunshine can turn our sweeter thoughts to tasty treats like White Chocolate Pretzel.

Fosselmans Ice Cream/Dejana Batalovic/rickszczechowski

What to Know

  • 1824 W. Main Street in Alhambra
  • Takeout and delivery only
  • The historic ice cream parlor is known for popular flavors like taro and ube

When you've been scooping superb sweets for over a century, you definitely know a thing or two about the making of ice cream.

Make that the making of really quality ice cream, the sort of scoops that linger in your memory long after you've taken that last bite of the waffle cone.

And if you make quality ice cream, you likely also have a sense of time, the calendar, and even what regulars might crave when the colder season arrives.

And the colder season, around Los Angeles, as 2021 gets going?

There's a lot of sunshine out there, and easy breezes, and while you wouldn't describe the temperature as "balmy," you could just call it, just maybe, "ice cream weather."

If you're wearing a light sweater while you lick, that is.

And watching the signs for ice cream weather for over ten dessert-delightful decades now? It's Fosselmans Ice Cream, an Alhambra icon.

And when a sunshiny spell arrives in winter, well, it's time for a new ice cream flavor, the kind of thing you see in other locations in the summertime.

And if a creamy and cold concoction is your ultimate temptation, but you also like a hint of salty flair, you're in some luck as the fresh year revs up: White Chocolate Pretzel just debuted on the menu at the classic scoop shop.

But wait: The supply is "limited," revealed a recent social media post, so you'll want to keep that in mind.

Should you miss this pretzel-perfect, white chocolate-strong window, be cheered, for favorite flavors like taro, ube, and lychee still reign at Fosselmans.

And if you're already missing holiday tastes, rum raisin and peppermint candy are both ready to top a cone or fill a cup.

Note that Fosselmans Ice Cream is open for takeout and delivery only as 2021 begins.

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