Frankly, National Hot Dog Day Should Last the Rest of July

Dog Haus has an in-app special for its fancy frankfurters, and you have several days to use it.

Dog Haus

What to Know

  • July 22 is National Hot Dog Day
  • Dog Haus has an in-app deal for a free Haus Dog through the end of July
  • Haus Dogs include the Pineapple Express and Chili the Kid

Break out the ruler, the tape measure, or your best guess, and ponder this question: How long is a hot dog?

Six inches is traditional, though we've all seen super-stretched-out franks and small, toothpick-topping franks in our time.

So how long is a deal involving hot dogs?

If you're looking at July 22, which is National Hot Dog Day, the savings typically wrap up by the evening, when the restaurant offering the deal closes up for the night.

But Dog Haus is going longer, a lot longer, when it comes to celebrating National Hot Dog Day 2020.

The gourmet hot dog chain, which started in Pasadena, will keep the savings as snappy as biting into a perfectly grilled dog.

And by that we mean you can save money on several different Dog Haus dogs through the rest of July.

How to do just that? Be sure to download the Dog Haus app by a minute before midnight on July 22, then use the app to snag a free Haus Dog by July 31.

The whole snappy story?

"Guests at the craft casual concept can score a FREE Haus Dog in-store with app scan, or when they order pickup or delivery through the Dog Haus App from July 22-31!"

Again, just make sure you have that app downloaded by 11:59 p.m. on July 22.

Yep, you'll see your reward, spotlighting your freebie, show on the app.

Yep, this is a one-per-registered-app-user kind of deal.

Yep, National Hot Dog Day really can stretch to a ten-day party, according to Dog Haus.

So which Haus Dog will you choose for your complimentary goodie? Pineapple Express, Chili the Kid, or Cowboy, which is wrapped in bacon?

You can pore over the frankly frankfurterful page here.

Hot dogs may be around six inches in length, but this National Hot Dog Day is stretching out all the way to the final day of July at Dog Haus.

That's a long one, as hot dog parties go, and the summer-style savings are snappy.

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