Free Animated Film Series Opens at Union Station

A trio of animated gems will roll out at the train-tastic landmark.

Union Station

What to Know

  • Begins Oct. 4
  • "Song of the Sea" up first
  • "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" screens on Nov. 1 and "Waking Life" on Nov. 15

Choosing one of the most fanciful locations in Los Angeles? One that has plenty of real-world cred, and serves thousands of people each day in important ways?

There are plenty of choices, in a city that's as large as ours, but locomotive mavens would certainly point in the direction of Alameda Street, and the train station that has oh-so-regally stood there for eight decades.

It's Union Station, of course. And if you've ever rhapsodized about the romance of train travel, or summoned to mind a famous animated train or train story, you know that the tower'd landmark makes for a spectacular location for cinema.

Specifically animated cinema, which can venture down some truly fanciful paths.

It feels like the perfect match-up, then, to have three acclaimed animated films play, for free, within Union Station's fanciful and cinematic space.

And so they shall, over three select fall nights, beginning on Friday, Oct. 4, thanks to Metro Art. That's when "Song of the Sea," an Oscar-nominated treat that dives into the legend of the selkies.

On Nov. 1? "The Adventures of Prince Achmed," "the oldest surving animated feature film," will play to the live music of Gamelan Merdu Kumala. Indeed, there shall be beautiful Indonesian instruments, of the percussive sort, adding atmosphere to the film.

And director Richard Linklater's dream-like "Waking Life" philosophically rounds out the series on Nov. 15.

Again, admission is free for every film.

Is this the perfect way to embrace autumn? With something a bit whimsical, and thought-provoking, in one of Southern California's most spectacular buildings? Where trains, which are often seen in animated works, chug-chug daily?

Find out yourself, by seeing one film, or all three, this fall.

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