Free Bowl Show: Enter the LA Phil 100 Sweepstakes

Try for a pay-nothing ticket to see Katy Perry, Herbie Hancock, and Gustavo Dudamel perform at the Celebrate LA! concert.

What to Know

  • Registration begins Aug. 20
  • Sunday, Sept. 30
  • An eight-mile closed-streets celebration precedes the Hollywood Bowl concert

Ever bought a ticket to see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl?

You likely know the general dates and general drill: Subscriptions appear first, in winter, then the 5 or More Deal pops up around the start of spring, and then single-ticket sales roll out, right around the time that April melds into May.

But best change all that you know about buying for the Bowl, for another opportunity is unfolding, and this one has the word "free" written all over it.

Well, not literally, but, should you nab a seat at the Celebrate LA! concert on Sunday, Sept. 30, a huge spectacular in honor of the LA Phil's centennial, you will not have to pay for it.

Oh yeah. Hur and rah.

So how does this work?

An online sweepstakes is opening on Monday, Aug. 20 at 10 in the morning. The final day to throw your proverbial hat into the free-concert-ticket ring? Sunday, Sept. 2 is the date to add to your calendar, quickly.

Katy Perry and Herbie Hancock and Kali Uchis and Youth Orchestra Los Angeles will all be making amazing music under the iconic shell, along with conductor Gustavo Dudamel and, you bet, the LA Phil.

It's a concert a lot of people would like to see, surely, which means a sweepstakes is in order, one that will mean thousands of free tickets going to thousands of revel-ready Southern Californians.

This is the concert, by the by, that caps the mega Celebrate LA! street party on Sept. 30. Which means you can cycle along eight miles of closed-to-cars thoroughfares, from Walt Disney Concert Hall to the Hollywood Bowl, during the day, and catch a load of other pop-up concerts, too.

And come nighttime? If you do win a sweepstakes ticket? You'll join over 17,000 other music fans for a big Hollywood Bowl show, an ear-pleasing extravaganza that requires no money spent, only your pleasure and presence.

Details on entering the online sweepstakes? Right here. Good luck!

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