Free Cat Spaying/Neutering at LA Animal Services

It's open to all residents of Los Angeles, all May long.


What to Know

  • All May
  • Six LA Animal Services centers
  • Apply online or at a center

Counting to 1,400, one number at a time, no skipping or jumping ahead? 

Call it a task that would take anyone some time to complete, given the sizable number at hand.

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You could do it in under a day or even a couple of hours. But LA Animal Services is taking the full month of May 2018 for its current task, and with excellent reason: The department is distributing over 1,400 cat or kitten spay/neuter certificates to those Los Angeles residents who apply, either online at the LA Animals Services site or at one of the six centers around town.

Good thing, then, that there's a roomy month for this important program to take place. That means you have time to sign up for a certificate for your furry pumpkin, be they a youngster or an adult feline.

The money for the 1,400 certificates hails from $100,000 from the Spay/Neuter Trust Fund. As for how many certificates one household can request? That would be three total. And anyone can apply, "regardless of income levels."

Do note that "(f)ree spay or neuter surgeries are for companion cats only, all feral or stray animals excluded." And once you receive your certificate? You must use it within 10 days, at a participating veterinary clinic.

"The Department of Animal Services is historically inundated with 8,000 to 9,000 cats and kittens every year, often starting in April-May," reveals a statement from LA Animal Services. Meaning 1,400 spay/neuter certificates can make a substantial difference in the lives, health, and futures of our dearest animal friends.

Find more information on obtaining a certificate on the day you apply, and more details, at the LA Animal Services site now.

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