Free Chili Day (Thanks, Philippe's!)

Wind have a bite? Let a local institution warm you up, gratis.

When you're eating a French dip sandwich, you don't want to have to go looking for the good stuff -- say the lamb and Swiss cheese -- between the pieces of bread. They should be apparent. Likewise, we're not going to bury the good stuff now.

So here it is: Philippe the Original and Dolores Chili are teaming up on Tuesday, Jan. 29 to give out free cups of chili with the purchase of a sandwich. First 500 people to make for the Union Station-adjacent eatery are going to be the lucky enjoyers of free chili. (And that's beans or no, which pretty much covers the population of chili fans.)

There you go. That's it. The meat of the matter. There are no other major need-to-knows beyond that.

Which means we're now free to take our time and lavish love on the things we like to lavish love upon when it comes to one of our city's landmark restaurants. Five Philippe favorites: 

1. Mustard. Mustard mustard mustard mustard hot fire mustard.

2. The candy counter. If you don't leave with a piece of Bazooka after lunch, and read your fortune on the way to the bus or your car, we cannot call your Philippe's experience complete.

3. That most locals call it Philippe's even though it is technically "Philippe the Original." It's a familiar handle, like you might use with an old friend.

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4. The Day-glo fuschia hard-boiled eggs in the big jar on the order counter.

5. Mustard jars for sale. Whenever we doubt this world, and feel a little blue, all we need to do is remember this fact: Philippe's sells its mustard to go. Proof that things will always be okay in the end.

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