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Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's

Spring's sweetest -- and freest -- ice cream occasion is here.

You may have worn a jacket over the last few days. You may have even donned a scarf, or, if you visited a higher elevation, a pair of gloves.

But your clothing choices cannot change the calendar, and the calendar says this: Free Cone Day, the Ben & Jerry's pay-nothing springtime holiday is nearly here. And, yes, it involves one of the coolest foods in the freezer section, ice cream.

So just because Southern California has recently experienced some cooler, damper conditions doesn't mean you can't step up to the plate — or into your nearest Ben & Jerry's shop — for a gratis scoop of your go-to flavor on Tuesday, April 12.

Say it again: Tuesday, April 12. Ben & Jerry's. Free. (Continue to say the word "free" as much as you like; it never wears out its welcome.)

A few to-knows? 

The huge dessert-themed holiday began in 1979 in Vermont, with its first out-of-Vermont debut in 1984. The dates have hopped around a bit, but mid-April-ish has been the standard for several years now.

Some most-requested flavors? Cherry Garcia, of course, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

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The time? Noon to 8 o'clock. Eight hours of cone-y awesome-a-tude.

And hello: One scoop is, wait for it, not the limit, but note that you'll need to hop back in the queue for treat numero two. "Why wait for next year's Free Cone Day?" asks the company's site. "Just get back in line for another free cone. Over and over. We're not counting. Really, go for it."

Will you have to wear a scarf while licking the cold stuff? That depends on the thermometer. But who says "nope" to Free Cone Day just because the temperature isn't acting all August-like? (No one says "nope," is the only right answer.)

Need to find your shop? Don your scarf and start here.

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