Free: Dancers Leap Inside Glendale Public Library

"Back in Circulation" is a presentation from the always innovative Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre.

What physical gestures and movements do you most associate with a library?

The cinema would have us believe that the "shhhh" action, with a finger held to the lips, is the most common. But flipping through a book is a frequently seen movement, too, as is browsing a shelf and reaching for a novel on a high rack.

But leaps, twists, kicks, and undulations will take the place of all of those traditional library-based gestures at the Glendale Public Library Central Library on the evening of Saturday, Aug. 26. "Back in Circulation" is the name of the work, and Heidi Duckler Dance Troupe, a group famed for its site-specific dance pieces, will once again bring innovative performance to an unusual space.

Indeed, this is the troupe that has, in recent years, capered about a laundromat, the shuttered Linda Vista Community Hospital in Boyle Heights, and the fire escapes of the Emser Tile Building in West Hollywood. Jumping off and away from a traditional stage, into locations most of us would think of as very unstage-like, is one of the tenets of this acclaimed troupe's memorable mission.

"Back in Circulation," a "re-imagining" of "Out of Circulation," a work that premiered at Santa Monica Public Library in 1993, will flow with themes surrounding information as well as its "accessibility, accuracy, creation, destruction, veracity."

The performance, which begins at 8 o'clock on Aug. 26, is free, but you'll want to RSVP. 

The Glendale Public Library Central Library? Find the historical landmark at 222 E. Harvard Street in Glendale.

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