Free Fall Fest to Glow at the Original Farmers Market

This seasonal sweetness has flowered, with fun, for over eighty years.

What to Know

  • Oct. 12 and 13, 2019
  • Third and Fairfax
  • Petting zoo, live music, autumn crafts

If you know Los Angeles, and we're quite sure you do, through and through, you know that the Original Farmers Market, located at the corner of Third and Fairfax, can trace its storied start to 1934.

But did you also know that one of the public market's long-running free events also has its rustic roots in the 1930s?

It's the annual Fall Festival, an autumntime party that has now treated several generations of Angelenos to country crafts, hoedown-type music, and the nostalgic, pumpkin-pretty pleasures of the season.

Those vintage charms'll oink, baa, and twang on Saturday, Oct. 12 and Sunday, Oct. 13.

That "oink" and "baa" reveals that the petting zoo will return, hee haw, and the pig races'll be inspiring onlookers to cheer and woot.

The "twang" is all about the live tunes, which can involve washboards, harmonicas, fiddles, and the other classic instruments that lend fall so much aural flavor.

And will there be a pie-eating contest? It doesn't seem like the middle of October if some crust and filling isn't flying.

Pumpkin carving, colorful crafts, and the market's beloved wandering scarecrow — tell him "hay" for us, or we mean "hey," rather, then pose for a picture with the hay-rocking star — will round out the festive weekend.

It's a weekend that summons so many of the country-fied touchstones of fall right to the heart of the city. Haven't had a chance yet to bask in the ethereal and heart-gladdening gifts of autumn?

This free party, which started at Third & Fairfax long ago, is a very good start.

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