Free: Fantasy Film Fashion Show

Find your runway-close spot at the Original Farmers Market.

Spying an outfit that's strange and spectacular and looks as if it hailed from another place, time, or planet?

That's not too hard to do in Southern California, especially if you happen to be strolling by a movie set, one that is designed to look like the 1500s or a faraway moon or a faraway moon in the 1500s.

But finding such fictionally inspired frocks is a bit trickier when you just need to stop somewhere to shop for some blueberries and milk.

An outlandish exception to that statement? When the annual Metropolitan Fashion Week Kick-Off arrives at the Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax, a free-to-see event that's been adding sartorial dash to the clocktower'd, fruit-milk-and-more landmark over the last four years.

The fashion show is ready to sashay again, at the market's Plaza area, on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 28 at 6:30.

Various themes have ruled this effervescent events in years gone by, with clothes that look like candy, or outfits that paid homespun (but haute) tribute to the Original Farmers Market.

The theme for 2017 is no less dazzling or camera-worthy: Prepare to eye " creations inspired by some of the greatest fantasy films."

Whimsy, weirdness, gorgeousness, and over-the-top-a-tude shall rule.

But the "greatest fantasy films" part isn't even the nicest part of the night. You can help the Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston should you attend, by showing with "basic school supplies" to donate to those schools impacted by the hurricane.

You might nab a Farmers Market gift certificate, but you'll definitely leave knowing you've helped people in Houston, gift certificate or not, which is a good feeling, indeed.

So gather up some new pencils, notebooks, folders, and such before heading for the lovely landmark just off Fairfax Avenue near the mid-city.

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