Free Furry Fun at Yappy Holidays

A pair of pooch parties, one in old Pasadena and another in Playa Vista, are ready to ramp up the canine Christmas charm.

What to Know

  • Yappy Holidays in Old Pasadena on Dec. 14 from 2-4 p.m.
  • Pawliday Market at Wallis Annenberg PetSpace on Dec. 15 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Both events are free

The yuletide, for our favorite yappers, can be a tad overwhelming, and a mite confusing, and a time of different routines.

For our dogs? They do dearly love to know the routine, or at least have a set way of going about life in a household.

There are ways to make our treasured tail-waggers feel more central to the sparkliest season, of course, from treats shaped like trees to toys that look like stockings.

And there are a few hound-focused happenings, too, around town, holiday to-dos that give your favorite furry one a spotlight during this hectic time of year.

Happy news for people seeking to connect Christmas fun with their canine's world: Yappy Holidays in Old Pasadena and the Pawliday Market at the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace are coming right up, and they're both free to attend.

Swing by Old Pasadena on Saturday, Dec. 14 with your four-footed friend for Yappy Holidays, a two-hour gathering which will boast bites for your pup, elf-adjacent photo opportunities, and complimentary bandannas, too.

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Live tunes and human-fun specials at area eateries (Sage Vegan Bistro, The Luggage Room Pizzeria, more) are on the sassy schedule, too.

And at the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista on Sunday, Dec. 15? Stroll through the Pawliday Market, which will include "a variety of vendors" covering presents for people and pooches. And Santa, too, will be there, for picture-taking, so plan for a few ho, ho, ho photos between 12:30 and 3 o'clock.

Is your lil' sweetbuns not feeling the season quite yet? Journey to a pair of pup-cute goings-on, in Old Pas and Playa Vista, for Fido-focused fun.

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