Free Jackalope Art Fair Bounds into the Crown City

The free two-day event'll pop up at Pasadena's Central Park.

What to Know

  • Pasadena's Central Park
  • April 27 and 28, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Free

Perhaps you thought your rabbit run was through, at least for another year.

Maybe you believed that hares would be scarce, as April ends. You've put away the Easter baskets, after all, and the bunny-ear'd headbands, too.

But there's another noble jumper in the distance, a legendary animal known for its fluffy tail and handsome antlers.

It's the jackalope, of course. And while jackalopes aren't set to show at Central Park on April 27 and 28 — that we're aware of, at least — a line-up of creative and gifted artisans shall, thanks to the Jackalope Art Fair.

The two-day to-do will take over Central Park, in Pasadena, and visitors will find a host of interesting, handmade, and imaginatively rendered items, from necklaces to teas to soaps to paintings to plants.

Billed as a "... unique, curated shopping experience featuring the top trendsetting makers & designers of local goods," Jackalope Arts attracts over 150 artisans.

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It's free to enter, as free as the mythical jackalope must feel while hopping along a wide open plain.

So is April, that most rabbit-y of months, done with bunnies? The Easter Bunny has sprung out of town, but Jackalope Arts is bounding for Pasadena for a bright and shoppable arts fair.

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