Free JPL Open House: Ticket Info

It's popular, for sure. So get-'em-ahead-of-time tickets will be available well in advance of the big May weekend.


The stretch of time between Saturday, March 11 and the weekend of May 20 and 21 can seem pretty lengthy, at first glance.

After all, spring hasn't even begun as of the second Saturday in March, and spring'll be more than halfway done when that particular weekend in May arrives.

But true story: The hours will go fast, far faster than it takes an exploration-ready rover to reach Mars (a trip of about seven to eight months, give or take). 

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You can find out about rovers, Mars, and lots more, if you secure a ticket to the annual, so-popular, it's-really-popular, JPL Open House.

Tickets are free, as is tradition with this springtime favorite, but getting yours two-plus months in advance is essential if you want to attend the 2017 event.

And the "getting yours" part arrives on Saturday, March 11, starting at 9 in the morning. We're not sure what time "9 in the morning," in California, is on the surface of Mars, but as long as you're watching your kitchen clock here on Planet Earth, you're good.

If you can remember back to the days when the JPL Open House didn't come with pre-tickets of the timed variety, then you remember that many, many space-obsessed people would descend, seemingly all at once, on the Pasadena institution.

Which is awesome and powerful, much like things found in space.

For all of those people wanted to know more about the cosmos and what the Jet Propulsion Laboratory does to connect us to our wider home, the Solar System, and our wider home beyond that, the Milky Way, and our wider home beyond that, a not-so-little place called the universe.

So, you're on board: Tickets for the May 20-21 JPL Open House will go fast, starting at 9 a.m., earth time: California, on Saturday, March 11.

No spacesuit required, but a way to get to this web site will be, cosmic travelers.

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