Free Light Experience Now Glowing at Grand Park

Stroll by "magical light attractions" at the DTLA destination through Christmas night.

Have your neighbors installed their rows of twinkly lights yet?

Is the store on the corner full of bulb-based blink-a-tude as soon as the sun goes down?

Are there shimmering reindeer fancifully grazing upon the lawn next to your place?

It's December, when the dazzle factor flicks on and the world gets brighter at night. And few Southern California places will be brighter than Grand Park over the next few weeks, thanks to its nighttime, free-to-see "Winter Glow" experience.

What's "Winter Glow"?

Picture a series of "magical light attractions" through the spacious DTLA spread, pieces that incorporate big color, up-to-the-moment projection tech, and whimsy of the most incandescent variety.

If you remember strolling by some of this sparkle in 2018, you're correct: This is year two. But things have grown for "Winter Glow," and returning fans can expect twice the sights, thanks to a doubling of the light-beautiful pieces.


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Those 2019 pieces include "Sea Creatures" by the artist Aphidoidea, which finds its fanciful inspiration in plankton, and the "Illuminated Tree Forest" at Music Center Plaza.

These won't be in the same vein as the strings of lights lining your neighbor's eaves, but they will have the sort of enchanting illuminosity that we seek out during the longest nights of the calendar.

Bundle up, as much as we can 'round these balmier parts, find a festive friend, and catch Metro downtown for a saunter through this sparkly spectacle. It's now on nightly, through Dec. 25, and entry is free.

And is there anything more festive than "free" this time of year? Well, perhaps a tree forest that glows after dark.

Which we're now in the thick of, as December deepens.

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