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Free: Mondo Pasadena Music Fest

Pick your venue -- there are 30 -- and enjoy "the largest free music festival on the West Coast."

When the "largest free music festival on the West Coast" is on your weekend to-do calendar, a few questions likely spring up.

Like "could I drive and park there?" You could, of course -- Make Music Pasadena happens to be in, wait for it, Pasadena, which has several garages and meters within walking distance of where the multiple shows'll go down.

But your best bet for getting to the Saturday, June 11 spectacular? The Gold Line. Or a bus. Otherwise you'll be walking many blocks from where you stowed your wheels, and returning to feed your meter during a rocking set is a bummer of the highest order.

Another question is "is it really a full 12 hours?" It is, from 11 to 11. Easy to remember. Don't let the "12 hours" part put "12" in your head as the start time. It's 11 a.m., so have your breakfast and head up/over/down.

You might then ask "what bands are on the line-up" to which a quippy person might answer "what bands aren't"? But we're not that quippy person. A lot of acts -- over 150 in all -- are on the schedule, including James Supercave, The Dead Ships, and San Francisco's sunshine-spreading The Mowgli's.

"Are they all playing on one stage?" There are 30 venues in all, from cozy, close-to-the-mic spots to the massive happening out on Colorado Boulevard. (Oh yeah, part of Colorado shuts down, so if you're doing something else in Pasadena on June 11, plan accordingly.)

"Is it truly free?" Truly.

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"Could I hit all 30 stages and/or 150 shows?" Probably not, unless there are 20 of you. Best spend a few days deciding how you'll divvy up your half day of pay-nothing entertainment.

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