Free: Redondo Pier Chalk Art Festival

Contribute something creative to the "concrete canvas" of Redondo Pier.

Our afternoons continue to be sunbeam-laden, and truly tank-top-able, and sporting shorts well into September remains a staunch Southern California tradition.

But the mornings tell another tale as the month grows older: Autumn is on the way, and the alfresco outings of summer will, if not fully wrap up, dwindle to something akin to a trickle.

A creative classic of summertime whimsy, and summer-style freeness, remains ahead, however, and it arrives with the added bonus of being at the beach.

Or, rather, at Redondo Pier, an over-the-surf stretch that'll be transformed into a "concrete canvas" on Saturday, Sept. 9. 

The transformers of this offbeat canvas? Well, you, if you decide to show up and play a part at the 15th Annual Chalk Art Festival on the Pier.

It's free to join, or free to watch, and you can be any age to participate.

One number you'll want to watch, though? Twelve, as in twelve o'clock, as in noon, for that's the start time. And if you arrive early, and happen to be among the first 150 chalk artists to show, you'll score some free chalk.

There shall be prizes, so you'll need to decide what you're going with, theme-wise, for your on-the-ground masterpiece. Something fishy? A seahorse or a dolphin or waves doing that ol' crashing thing against the beach would be appropriate to the area.

Or perhaps a tribute to Redondo Beach? The Redondo Beach Historic Museum is quite the handsome building. Or you could go meta and draw the Redondo Beach Pier on the pier, which might blow a few minds.

Maybe, though, you'll want to capture the spirit of Sept. 9, that between-time moment, an occasion that usually rocks a summer-meets-fall feel. It's a day of possibility, hope, and good things, and expressing that, in chalk, is up to you.

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