Free: Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance

Pay nothing to stroll by autos straight from "The Fast Lane."

A concours has a rather stylish way of summoning some of the sleekest automobiles in the area, and then presenting them in the same way that a row of masterful paintings are displaying along a museum wall.

The setting also enhances the car-admiring experience, and there are few Southern California settings that rock the general cachet of Rodeo Drive.

But the Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance cachet to spare beyond even that: It's called "the largest single-day concours in North America," and that single day is always Father's Day.

And has been for nearly the last quarter century, since the event's founding. The shiny cars will roll into The Golden Triangle once again on Sunday, June 19, but they won't only be shiny. They'll be fast, thanks to the 2016 theme of "The Fast Lane."

The tip-top autos, known for their polish and performance, will include names like McLaren, Bugatti, and Ferrari. 

The price to walk among these world-renowned "supercars"? Nothing at all. As is tradition, the Father's Day celebration is free to attend. (Daydreaming about owning one of the expertly engineered vehicles is also free, but owning one might take a bit of saving.)

Dozens of these dream machines are expected, so many so that visitors can expect to stroll the lengths of three Rodeo Drive blocks: 200, 300, and 400.

If you can't get your fill of "The Fast Lane," there's another event vrooming over Father's Day Weekend, and while it isn't free, it does involve a live viewing party of the action at Le Mans. That's revving at the Petersen Automotive Museum on Saturday, June 17, which is just about a 15-minute drive east of Beverly Hills along Wilshire Boulevard.

The Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance is on from 10 to 4 on June 19. 

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