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Free: Rooftop Cinema in Pasadena

Make for South Lake for two September Saturdays of family movie fun times.

September can play out in many ways in the larger popular culture, from backpacks embroidered with kids' names to new lunchbox designs to apple cutouts decorating classroom windows.

Free alfresco films, however, are rarely part of the September scene. The whole watch-a-movie-outdoors series began to wrap and bid their fans adieu, if they haven't totally ended, by the time the ninth month of the year trundles into view. And few film series, if any at all, officially kick off when the temperatures begin to cool.

There is an asterisk, however: It's the free Rooftop Cinema series, in Pasadena, and the whole South Lake shebang doesn't even get going before the middle of September. It isn't a long deal -- just two Saturdays, in all -- and it isn't an expensive deal, being free.

"Free" is pretty inexpensive, yes? We can all agree there.

As for the movies? They're both a-ok'd for families, so haul the whole caboodle to the South Lake Avenue for "Avatar" on Saturday, Sept. 12 and "Tron: Legacy" on Saturday, Sept. 26.

It may give the back-in-school kids one final taste of summer's later nights spent playing in the out-of-doors. Remember when you were a kid and "a month ago" was basically equal to "ten years ago," time-wise? 

And we can stay outside later, even later into September, around Southern California, yes? Push summer stuff into early fall? True, the days start to get notably shorter, but the temperatures doesn't quite say "winter's coming" yet.

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Still, arrive with a jacket or blanket. "A reclining beach chair" is fine for sitting, too, if you've got one.

"Avatar" plays at Pasadena Towers while "Tron: Legacy" alights at the Corporate Center. On-the-site artists, glitter tattoos, and more pre-movie merriment awaits.

And while Rooftop Cinema is notable for starting in September, keep in mind that other outdoor movie experiences keep on truckin' 'round these parts, straight into the heart of autumn. Look to Street Food Cinema and Cinespia and Eat|See|Hear for more September-screen, under-the-sky film goodness (admission does apply).

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