Free Softserve: Magpies Opening Celebration

Enjoy swanky softserve in Silver Lake (and pay nothing to do so).

Summertime, above all seasons, handily taps into our longing for the simpler pleasures of youth.

That might be a cooling sprinkler with an oscillating head, or a late-night campout in the yard, or a trip down to the stand on the corner, the one swirling softserve into crunchy cones.

Finding that summery softserve dream, with a side of swanky nowness, is about to be a reality 'round Silver Lake, and a very money-saving reality at that. For on Thursday, June 23 Magpies Softserve will be giving away "treats on the house!" in celebration of their grand opening. 

Oh yeah. Free softserve. Summer really must be here.

And, yes, we did throw down "swanky nowness," which means that the flavors of ye olde aren't really what Magpies is all about.

You'll definitely find spins on chocolate and vanilla in the form of Malted Milk Chocolate and Sweetened Cream, of course. But look for au courant flavors like Green Tea Brown Rice, Yuzu Honey, Thai Iced Tea, Horchata, and Cuban Espresso.

To top off all of the lickable loveliness? Look for Salted Caramel Sauce, Toffee Rice Krispies, Graham Cracker Streusel, and more.

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Chefs Warren and Rose Schwartz first had the idea of an old-school softservery while visiting Palm Desert, which is, of course, a primo, good-golly-it's-hot place to enjoy such a cool-down dessert.

If you can't make June 23's gooey giveaway, you can still pop in and buy a cone, the better to see the leaps and bounds softserve has made since your youth. Find Magpies near the corner of Hyperion and Griffith Park, and visit any day of the week but Monday.

Now, your softserve summer dreams are taken care of; where to buy an oscillating sprinkler, plus a puptent for a backyard campout.

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