Free Summer Concerts: CityWalk Thursday Nights

Universal has a full slate of pay-nothing warm-weather shows ahead.

When does your weekend unofficially start?

For a lot of people, that answer falls around 5 p.m. on Friday afternoon, give or take. That's when the tie knot gets a little looser, the social texts pick up steam, and pie-in-the-sky plans finally get cemented or ditched.

No one is saying, though, that the weekend can't be visited for a few hours on a Thursday night. Call it a happy harbinger of easy times soon to come, and call it even happier when it is free.

And things are pretty dang free -- save a few bucks for parking, so hang tight on that -- at Universal CityWalk on Thursday nights during the summer. Been to the neoniest, King-Kong-iest, theme-park-adjacent-iest stretch in all of LA on a hot-weather Thursday evening? Yeah: There's mondo tuneage.

Yep, we said "tuneage" to make is a little extra bit cool, because it is: The free cool concerts are on at CityWalk every Thursday through Aug. 31. Coming up: Megan Nicole and Ian Thomas on July 17, EC Twins and D'Arrigo on Aug. 14, and Power 106 Presents: Far East Movement on the final day of the series, Aug. 31.

Oh, and the official name? Summer Music Spolight Series at 5 Towers on Universal CityWalk. But you won't need that to get in the door, because there is no door, because CityWalk. Just follow the revelers.

Parking is not free, but if you catch a film before or after the concert, there's two-buck movie parking. Also, the Red Line goes to Universal City. You know this, right? Go Metro, music lovers. 

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And visit your weekend, for a few hours, on a Thursday night. Yep, you'll work hard on Friday, but a little preview the night before, of good times to come, is a rather delightful anticipation-builder. And life needs more of those.

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