Fresh Site: ‘LAX is Happening' Happening Now

Jetting somewhere over Labor Day Weekend? Let a recently refurbished site be your guide.

Labor Day Weekend is often listed as one of the top travel weekends of the year. Of course, pretty much every day of the year feels like a top travel time when you're leaving from or landing at the Los Angeles International Airport.

It is, of course, one of the most bustling, plane-filled, people-filled, comings-and-goings-packed airports on the planet, and whether it is a holiday or a regular day almost matters not, as far as how busy it seems to the traveler's eye.

Wending your way through, then, with insider knowledge of what's to nosh on inside your terminal, and what's happening with the continuing construction at 1 World Way, is as essential as having a suitcase that zips or snaps without issue.

LAX is Happening, a complementary site to LAX's main online HQ, was introduced to help people with the to-knows of getting in, and flying off from, the mega plane port. It recently underwent "an enhancement," including updates and extras, to fill out the LAX guest's experience.

So what's new? A terminal finder, which pinpoints where you need to go. Restaurants and shops, terminal by terminal, are listed, and the frequent traveler can find out what's to come, down the pike, in terms of LAX's future construction and additions.

Helpful tips, traffic updates, and other "let's do this!" suggestions to aid travelers are part of the site's raison d'être.

It's no small matter, making your airport experience easier, at any airport you visit, but at our world hub, planning ahead is key. Consider that LAX expects 835,500 travelers to pass through over the three-day weekend ahead, a bump that's about seven percent more than Labor Day Weekend 2014. 

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And if you're curious as to how many cars are predicted to enter the airport's Central Terminal Area, "a lot" is a correct answer: Over 310,000 vehicles. Everyone breathe, let people in, wave thank you, and roll easily to their destination. It's all good. We make it work together, SoCalers.

Best keep LAX is Happening nearby to connect you with your flight info, your food info, and the other good stuff to keep the process mostly free of the usual, major-airport-y problems. 

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