Friday the 13th Flashlight Safari

Flick on your beam and get acquainted with everything from a young alligator to cockroaches, in Sylmar.

You don't have to be a regular, every-other-weekend kind of camper to know what we're about to say is true.

And that is this: If you step away from your campfire, and spy something scurrying through the bushes, your critter sighting will be the talk of the night, and one of the main memories of the trip.

But if coming across a wild beastie is one of your thrills, you don't need to wait for luck, and the forest, and a moment away from the campfire, to see something furry and prone to scurry; you only need to be at the Wildlife Learning Center on Friday evening, Jan. 13.

It is, indeed, Friday the 13th, but talk about your lucky day. Animals of all "creepy crawly" sorts, from a baby alligator to, wait for it, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, will be in in the literal spotlight during the popular Flashlight Safari, and once-every-so-often to-do that gives fans of claws 'n maws a chance to connect with wilder things after the sun says bye-bye.

The time? The first tour kicks off at 6 p.m., with the final tour of the night scheduled for 7:15 (with a few groups between the two times).

Do you need your own flashlight? You do, yep. Are layers or a light jacket in order? Always, in January. Will you sip hot cocoa, to warm the tum? It'll be available, so hooray.

Do you need to be eerie'd-out by the creepy crawlers on the schedule? Not at all. The world is a wondrous place, Friday the 13th or note, and every beastie has their role to play, even the rose-haired tarantula (a critter who is on the map for the evening).

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The price is $15.

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