Frieze LA's Avant-Garde Art Bewitches

Performances, exhibits, and envelope-pushing events are dotting the creative side of our creative city over Valentine's Weekend.

RyersonClark/Frieze LA

What to Know

  • Through Feb. 16
  • Galleries around Southern California
  • "Continuous Wave" is at Santa Monica Proper Hotel on Feb. 15

Inspiration, deep notions, layered fancies, and creative frontiers?

In Los Angeles, if you're looking, and not even looking too hard, you can find all of those elements, and exciting sub-elements related to those elements, on any Tuesday before noon.

But if you're seeking a heightened art experience, one that seems to have a telephone line dialed into what's happening in the art world in three or four chapters down the road, chapters that don't even seem quite written or realized yet, there is Frieze Los Angeles.

The three-day, all-over-the-place event, which bewitches, prods, enchants, and delights through Sunday, Feb. 16, will be flowering, with moxie and panache, at a host of Los Angeles venues.

The invitation to art lovers? You are welcome to "(e)xplore the world's leading galleries alongside special projects from ground-breaking artists."

One such artist, Emily Mast, has created an intriguing piece for Ruinart at Frieze Los Angeles, a happening that will be presented at Santa Monica Proper Hotel on Saturday evening, Feb. 15.


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The esoteric upshot of "Continuous Wave"? "Guests are invited to submit five-word responses to the poetic prompt: 'what message would you leave the world if you were out at sea?"

Those responses will then become Morse code, thanks to an in-the-house translator.

And after that? A trio of singers will croon the final result, creating "short songs" from the dots and dashes and a fresh think about language and it can be transformed in collaboration.

Feeling like you need your fill, and then some, of ethereal art? Find the full schedule of Frieze LA gatherings, goings-on, and gallery to-dos here.

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