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Fright Fans, the AHS Night Bites Bakery Has Fresh Dates

"American Horror Stories" meets tasty pastries at this reservations-only pop-up.

AHS Night Bites

What to Know

  • 8016 W. Third St.
  • Reservations only; new availability opened on Aug. 10; open to 18+ guests
  • Cookies and more themed to the AHS universe are available at the limited-time pop-up; presented by FX

Munching on comfort food while a program packed with startles, scares, moments of dread, and dastardly characters shimmers on the screen in front of you?

It's a not-so-terrifying truth that snacking while spooked is a time-honored tradition for horror fans.

And while those tasty, snackable tidbits often come from the popcorn aisle, the potato chip section, or the ice cream case, you can count many cookie fans among those who like their stories to reek with eek.

If you like pastry and pop culture, all merrily mixed together, and you're a through-and-through aficionado of "American Horror Stories," be cheered and/or chilled: The AHS Night Bites Bakery, a pop-up inspired by the FX horrorverse, is ready to bake on.

That's good news for many fans, for the first run of August dates booked up faster than it takes to scream at something lurking in the shadows.

Now new openings were just announced, on Aug. 10, giving mavens of monsters a chance to stop by the West Third-based venue.

What will you find there, should you dare enter?

Creepy cookies, clowny cookies, and eerily edible homages to some of the most frightful AHS figures from series gone by have all appeared inside the beribboned boxes handed to guests over the past several days.

Ah yes, guests with reservations, we should emphasize. Those are a must, so make yours soon.

You'll need to be age 18 or older, and it is best if you read all you need to know, before you reserve, about masking, how much time you'll have, and such.

Feeling brave?

You've got this, lovers of edgy flights of fancy. Here's where you start, if you're keen to snack upon a sweet that finds its fearsome and fanciful inspo in all things AHS.

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