Frolic at a Free Harvest Festival at Griffith Park

Tra, la, la for the merry-go-round area for an afternoon of activities, food trucks, and autumnal sweetness.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Nov. 4
  • Noon to 4 p.m.
  • Kid to-dos, food trucks, local beers

Carpets get rolled up, all the time, after movie premieres, and fancy weddings, and the sort of events that require that the plush flooring be removed after everything winds down.

But "rolling the carpet up" can also occur, in theory, at various times of the year and following holidays, too.

And as far as harvest festivals go? It can seem, in many minds, that the carpet has been totally rolled up on anything outdoorsy and harvest-fun by the time the clock strikes midnight on Halloween.

No news flash is required for what we're about to reveal next, however: November is still a month that sits squarely within autumn, at least in this hemisphere, and it, too, can possess harvest-y pleasures.

And one such good time is going to pop up, for free, near the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, on Crystal Springs Drive, on Sunday, Nov. 4. 

So cheers to you, dear Harvest Festival at Griffith Park, as you enter your second annual go-around.

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The afternoon-long affair is made for kids (hello, bounce house and games) and for grown-ups (howdy, craft beer purveyors) and everyone (hi there, food trucks).

It's on from noon to 4 p.m., which is not actually "afternoon-long," but let's loosely call it that, because with Daylight Saving Time ending on Nov. 4, sundown will be close on the heels of the last revelers to depart the party.

And nope, this isn't going to be one of the big pumpkin patches of October, so don't think of "harvest" in that sense, but the festival is about being outdoors, with family and friends, in one of the world's great urban parks, while enjoying some of the final warm days of autumn.

That it is free to enter is sublime. That you should have cash for food or brews is understood. That November can also be a time of harvest happiness should be embraced by all.

By the by, the brews are being overseen by the LA County Brewers Guild. And the hosts of the festival? The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and the Los Angeles Parks Foundation.

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