Furball Fun: International Cat Day

How to honor the whiskery occasion? Furball at the Skirball is on the horizon.

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Don't fret or stew over this one: There are actually multiple occasions on the annual calendar spotlighting felines in all of their whiskery and wondrous ways, including National Cat Day, which falls a couple of days ahead of Halloween.

But International Cat Day is its own entity, and has a distinct vibe and reason for being. Begun by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, International Cat Day invites we humans to not simply coo over our cats (though, of course, that's always encouraged) but to ponder how we can work to make their catly worlds better, safer, healthier, and loved.

Think of it as quite proactive, if you like, and pause to ponder how you can help cat rescue, animal organizations, or even your own at-home cuddler on Aug. 8 and every day of the year. 

One such day is on the horizon, and tickets are available now. It's Kitten Rescue's 8th annual Furball at the Skirball, an eveningtime event with a plant-based dinner at its center.

Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler is an honoree, as is Mr. Butler's wife Gloria. Both are devoted cat aficionados, and both Butlers gladly lend a helpful hand to groups who assist felines in a multitude of ways, from health concerns to home placement.

Furball at the Skirball is on Saturday, Sept. 10 and tickets? They're here.

Perhaps securing your seat at the sweet soiree is how you approach World Cat Day, or perhaps a play session, on the floor, with your own kitty is how you mark the occasion. 

However you celebrate our constant, tumbling, meowing, snoozing, kneading, loving companions is your choice. But, of course, if your choice arrives with a bit of yarn, and a toy, or a check for a rescue, well... that is meow-worthy, too.

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