Garden Party: Norton Simon Nature Night

Sketch, make potpourri, and revel in the late daylight, before summer solstice arrives.

If you're locked into all of this lovely sunshine and bright illumination, and you're giddy over the fact that our daytimes are far longer than our nighttimes at the moment (by a couple of hours, and then some), we hate to be the bearer, but we know that you know what we know: summer solstice is nigh.

Which, in fact, is a very celebratory, positive thing, and worth dancing/picnicking/singing about, or whatever your chosen solstice-welcoming activity happens to be. But you're aware that, following the June 20 event, our nights'll lengthen, and the amount of rays we're soaking up shall lessen, day by day, almost through to the close of the year.

But there's a way to bask hard in the heady idea of lighter evenings before the solstice arrives: the Norton Simon Museum's annual Garden Party. Nope, it isn't strictly a summer solstice deal, do note, but rather a genteel soiree built around the pleasures of nature, evening, art, music, and the social graces.

All of those exceedingly pleasant pursuits and ideas will weave together, like a chain of fragrant blossoms, on the night of Saturday, June 17.

The Pasadena party isn't simply about lingering around the museum's watercolor-worthy Sculpture Garden, however; you can sketch, or learn how to make potpourri, or savor a bite at the Garden Café, or join a scavenger hunt.

Wearing something garden-party-ish? We mean... You don't have to, but if this is the only garden party on your calendar, finding something blithe and airy might be just the ticket, togs-wise. After all, the beautiful bash finds inspiration in Money, and the painter's grounds at Giverny, so thinking painterly about your outfit is encouraged.

As for the price of all of this pleasantness? Joining the soft-evening'd celebration is free with your museum admission or twelve dollars.

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Stopping the days from growing shorter? It won't happen, after June 20, as the march of time is powerful and absolute. But then the pleasures of nightfall, and coziness, will soon reign, which is nice, even if a garden party in June at a picturesque Pasadena museum truly holds our hearts.

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