Garlic x 4: ‘The Garlic King,' a Gorgeously Garlicky Ramen, Will Simmer for One Week Only

The limited-time Ramen Nagi dish will include several piquant pops of flavor featuring everyone's favorite fiery bulb.

Ramen Nagi

What to Know

  • The Garlic King, a limited-time special, will be available at Ramen Nagi
  • April 10 through 16, 2023
  • $15.50 at the Westfield Century City location and $14.75 at The Shops at Santa Anita in Arcadia

Living the garlic life means finding novel and nummy ways to add minced bits, thin slices, or whole cloves of fiery flavor to whatever dish you're cooking.

Spicy pasta? It needs more garlic. A hearty casserole? Throw in some garlic, please. A meaty stew? Garlic adds goodness.

No, greatness.

Mostly, though, garlic groupies stick to incorporating a single form of the flavorful bulb. ("Garlic groupies" pretty much encompasses anyone who enthusiastically adds two cloves when a recipe calls for one, so, in other words, basically everyone.)

But there are those inventive places that will gladly gar-up a dish in a multitude of tempting and creative ways.

Look to The Garlic King, a limited-time offering popping up at Ramen Nagi beginning on April 10.

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The savory symphony of broth-based deliciousness employs the aromatic icon in four different places, all within one bowl, providing garlic lovers with a vibrant variety of tastes.

The tonkotsu broth is the first place you may detect garlicky depth (it has been "fused with the fragrant essence" of garlic).

Stops 2 and 3? Garlic bits — they're "crunchy" — add texture, while a drizzle of garlic aioli summons the silky creaminess.

And the most noticeable star on the zesty lineup? The sizable half garlic that regally crowns the dish, adding roasted oomph to the appetizing experience.

The Garlic King joins other "Kings" on the Ramen Nagi menu, including the Original King and the Veggie King.

"Ramen Nagi releases highly-anticipated Limited Kings based on the demand of our Nagi fans, usually available for a week-long duration," said Chef Satoshi Ikuta of Ramen Nagi.

"We are excited to introduce 'The Garlic King' as our newest variation. It is sweet and salty with a touch of heat to create the perfect balance of satisfying flavors!"

Ramen Nagi, a Japanese favorite known for its made-there noodles and out-of-the-ordinary broths, will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.

As for finding The Garlic King locally? You'll want to visit the Century City and Arcadia locations from April 10 through 16.

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