Geffen Playhouse Is Sending Scrooge to Our Homes

Lauded actor Jefferson Mays takes on the Ebenezer-sized role in this stage-spooky treat, one that you can watch virtually.

Geffen Playhouse

What to Know

  • "A Christmas Carol" is available for at-home viewing through Jan. 3, 2021
  • See it on demand through On Stage streaming
  • Once you activate your link, you have 24 hours to enjoy the show

"A Christmas Carol" is a ghostly-good holiday confection, a sweet candy with a serious center.

And how fans of the timeless literary tale, one that was drawn from the mind and heart of Charles Dickens, enjoy the seasonal spectacle is, well, up to the fan.

For many movies and television shows have found inspiration in Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, and the trio of spirits that have a haunted handle on days gone by, nowadays, and days still to come.

But seeing Scrooge come around, a revelation that requires no spoiler alert, while roaming a stage just feet from where you sit? That's going to require a visit to your local theater, for catching "A Christmas Carol," in play form, is all about finding the footlights.

Or must you, at least this Christmas? For here's an oh-so-2020 twist: The footlights are finding people at home this year, thanks to an on-demand stage version of the Dickensian delight.

You can find the recorded theatrical presentation through The Geffen Playhouse, through Jan. 3, 2021, and once you choose to activate your link, you'll have about 24 hours to enjoy the show.

Which, when you think about it, is loosely the window of time in which the iconic tale takes place.

From a crotchety Christmas Eve, when benevolent Bob Cratchit asks his cantankerous boss if he may take Christmas Day off, to Scrooge running through the streets of London awash in newfound cheer, about 24 or so hours do pass.

The great Jefferson Mays, one of the magnificent modern interpreters of the soon-to-be-merry miser, fills Mr. Scrooge's considerable spats. And Broadway director Michael Arden is at the holly-scented helm of the festive (if, yes, slightly frightful) fun.

So you say you're missing seeing shows on stage, and even the sourest Scrooge is a character you'd like to spend some time with?

The Geffen Playhouse can help. And you, in turn, will help the live arts continue to thrive during the difficult days of 2020.

Is that door knocker we hear? Better answer it now.

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