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Get the Scoop on Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

The summeriest of springtime holidays has arrived to tickle our Tuesdays.

Ben & Jerry's

What to Know

  • Tuesday, April 9
  • Noon to 8 p.m.
  • Participating Ben & Jerry's shops

Much is made of Monday's doldrum-esque ways, of how it is our dreaded week-starter, the wicked weekday few can face.

It gets an overly bad rap overall, but consider that does, after all, neighbor the weekend, and few weekdays can claim such real estate. (We're looking at you, too, Friday.)

It's Tuesday, though, that requires our extra love, for just when we think the week is really rolling, we realize that we still face that mega midweek hump.

Ben & Jerry's, those mirthful makers of cleverly monikered ice creams, understands our complicated relationship to, er, Tue this particular weekday, and every year the dessert pros kindly gift us with Free Cone Day.

What is Free Cone Day?

We hardly need break it down, though doing so is delightful, so here it is: On Tuesday, April 9, from noon to 8 in the evening, you can nab a pay-nothing scoop of something delicious at a participating Ben & Jerry's shop.

Phish Food? Peanut Butter Cup? Chocolate Fudge Brownie? The choices are as famous as the inventive pair behind the perfectly creamy treats.

Upping all of this, to a whole other level, is the fact that the week containing Free Cone Day 2019 started out warmly, which doesn't always happen during a Southern Californian April.

Oh yeah, it's for sure ice cream time, and we'd love it for free, and we'd love it on a Tuesday, which will help lend us oomph to get over that hump.

More on this oh-so-famous free food day? The in-the-loop scoop is here.

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