Get Your Glittery Golden Triangle Fun On at BOLD Holidays

Eye holiday lights, shop, enjoy the shimmer around Rodeo Drive and beyond.

What to Know

  • Rodeo Drive
  • Free
  • BOLD Beverly Hills happens on Friday, Dec. 23; the lights are up through Jan. 6, 2018

If you had a measurement device called the Extreme Sparkle Reader, the sort of device that you'd hold high above your head, in order that it could pick up any nearby waves containing sparkle or glitter or shimmer or shine, you'd have readings off the charts, pretty much any day of the year, while standing in Beverly Hills.

For the Golden Triangle? That swath of the 90210 that contains some of the planet's most tony-tastic, luxe-famous shops? Its windows and lights and displays keep the radiance at full blast throughout the calendar.

But come late November and December, that Golden Triangle-style twinkle is fully pumped up, courtesy of BOLD Holidays.

The Scene

What to do, where to go and what to see

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The nightly happening, which includes both the profusion of lights as well as live tunes, Santa sightings, and more, is free to see, though note that most evenings the illumination is the star, while Friday, Dec. 22 and Saturday, Dec. 23 will see some special doings around Rodeo Drive and its environs.

On Dec. 22? Look for a performance by M-Pact, as well as spirit-raising songs sung by the Tinseltones. "Coffee & Curated Food Carts" will be about, if you're peckish, so do bring some cash for that.

And, of course, you'll want to have funds on you if you plan to do any shopping; many stores will be open later, which is part of the BOLD Holidays schedule.

As for Saturday, Dec. 23? Santa will put in a jolly cameo that night, and DJ Jenny Albright will be bringing the blissful grooves. Coffee and eats'll be available to buy, here and there, and, yep, the shops'll keep the doors wide a little later than usual.

If you simply want to admire the light sculptures and bulb-pretty displays and the chandeliers over Rodeo, those'll be aglitter well beyond Christmas, and even a bit past New Year's Day, too. Check the schedule, then go Golden Triangle to find your over-the-top twinkle.

You don't even need an Extreme Sparkle Reader in your pocket to sense the mega sparkle; the illumination of Beverly Hills is bright enough to light the Golden Triangle, all season long.

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