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Ghoulish Goodies Are Brewing at Halloween Horror Nights

A pop-up bar inspired by The Weeknd haunted house, Sugar Skull Punch in Plaza de los Muertos, and "Killer Klown" treats: Are you ready for frightfully fun food?

Universal Studios Hollywood

What to Know

  • Halloween Horror Nights haunts Universal Studios Hollywood on select nights from Sept. 8 through Oct. 31
  • $72 admission (and up); special passes, like the Frequent Fear Pass, are available, too
  • Themed eats at the fright fest included stylish sips at The Weeknd-inspired bar, "Muertos"-merry treats, savory fare from Killer BBQ from Outer Space, and more

Eerie anticipation?

It can be accurately described as "delicious," while fright fans often exhibit an "appetite" for the scary experiences found inside an imaginative haunted house, "craving" one startle after the other.

Yummy food words and fun fright terms are not too distantly related, in short, which makes the notion of a tempting line-up of Halloween-inspired eats and drinks monstrously appealing.

But then, Halloween Horror Nights has the whole "monstrously appealing" thing down to a scary science, from atmospheric entertainment offerings, chilling haunted houses, scare actors delivering intense performances, and the world-famous, backlot-roaming Terror Tram.

And here's monstrously appealing news: The Universal Studios Hollywood eek-stravaganza, which opens on Sept. 8, 2022 for its multi-week run, will also have all sorts of ghoulish goodies to stave off, or perhaps further encourage, sudden bouts of the scaries.

There are several scintillating sights and sips to anticipate this year, including "The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare Bar," a pop-up inspired by the new haunted house that is finding its frightful flair within the acclaimed artist's music and videos.

Plaza de los Muertos will be back, too, along with the Día de los Muertos Bar, which will offer libations like Calavera Punch and Sugar Skull Punch. There's a Smoked Margarita, too, served in a light-up skull, but if you'd prefer a Michelada, that's also a choice.

Look also for a circus-strange spot outside the "Killer Clowns From Outer Space" haunted house, an eatery that's been dastardly dubbed "Killer BBQ From Outer Space."

Locating vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free offerings while visiting the theme park after dark? That can happen, too; a number of places, including restaurants around Universal CityWalk, will have the snacks you seek.

If you need to keep your energy up and your spirit refreshed while calling upon the celebrated scare-tacular, peruse some of the piquant bites and beverages below.

Universal Studios Hollywood
A haunted host of 2022 eats await guests at Halloween Horror Nights.
A selection of stylish sips may be found at The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare Bar.
The Ruijing Popkorn Shake is one of the cosmic confections available at Killer BBQ From Outer Space.
Find the Sugar Skull light-up bucket at the Plaza de los Muertos; popcorn refills are complimentary.
Mixed margaritas in haunted hues will be seen during the annual event.
As will amazing eats like delicious esquites.
The light-up Sugar Skull sips will catch eyes at Plaza de los Muertos. Halloween Horror Nights opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sept. 8, 2022. Tickets, passes, and further information? Right here.

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