Giant Shaving Spectacular: The Big Shave West

Pasadena's the scene for barbecue, bands, and shaving demos.

Anyone who pursues facial hair maintenance as high art knows that the daily act of shaving is best approached with a mixture of moxie, verve, and whiskery panache. And they very likely also have November circled on the wall calendar, the most meaningful month when it comes to men and their mustaches.

For November's secret superhero name is Movember, a moniker which calls out to the thousands of men who annually shave, then grow a 'stache over the course of 30 days, all to help out men's health initiatives.

But the shaving arts aren't just restricted to this most excellent autumntime fundraiser. The Old Town Shaving Company, which is found at the historic Stats Building in Old Town Pasadena, is hosting a meeting of the minds -- or perhaps a convention of the chins is just as apt -- on Saturday, April 25.

Name? The Big Shave West, which is billed as "The largest gathering of traditional wet-shaving vendors and enthusiasts EVER." Shall there be demonstrations? Oh, you betcha. Will you ponder the thickness and easy-to-spread-o-sity of various shaving creams and tonics and lotions? This is essential stuff for a set of smooth cheeks. Can you ask people about brushes, lather, and blades? This'll be the place to do just that.

And will there be the eating of barbecue, the listening to of live music, the sipping of craft brews, and the admiring of attendees' facial hair styles, be those styles traditional handlebar, old-timey barbershop, mutton-chop-esque, or straight-up '70s action star? This'll be the spot to show off your prowess with a razor.

"(A)ll-day straight razor shaves" will be going down as well, if you're feeling like the ol' mug needs some TLC.

Admission? It's free. Eating and stuff? Bring cash. Spend forty nine bucks on a ticket? Nab swag and other goodies.

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The state of your facial hair growth? We'll leave that up to you. Clean or furry or somewhere in the middle, you'll find mavens of the art form. If you can't wait for Movember, make for Pasadena for a little knowledge, a little BBQ, and a straight shave.

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