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Gibbons and Glasses: A Fundraiser at San Antonio Winery

Help out the conservation center and try some local vino.

Though gibbons themselves probably take what they do and who they are quite seriously, we humans are very often tickled and definitely charmed by their famous "songs" -- they're incredibly vocal -- and their playtime and antics.

Thus the Gibbon Conservation Center of Santa Clarita gets it exactly right in the planning of its every-so-often fundraisers. Rather than doing something oh-so-serious and staid to raise awareness and money for the animal sanctuary, the center takes a lighthearted approach with its events.

Bingo? Yep, they've done it. Bowling for Gibbons? That was another lively way to give money to the small apes of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Wine-tasting? That's up next, and it has a very local twist: The Gibbon Conservation Center is taking it on the road to the San Antonio Winery downtown, LA's venerable and storied spot for sipping, tasting, and vino-rich history.

Nope, the gibbons won't be joining the wine party -- they'll chillax at home that day, back at the center -- but you can make for the winery on Sunday, Aug. 24 and lend a hand while trying wine. Music'll sound and appetizers shall be served and tours will be had and the cost? It's $48 plus a few bucks extra for a service fee.

Gibbon goodness, indeed, and there's a little more goodness to give: "15 percent of your purchase" at the winery goes to the Gibbon Conservation Center as well.

Call is a creative and satisfying way to help a beautiful animal. The gibbon's almost comical nature means its fundraisers almost require a little pizzazz, right? The bashes and the beasties are pretty simpatico here.

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And you know you can tour the Santa Clarita sanctuary on the weekends? To hear that famous gibbon warbling? It's beyond memorable, so go. (No earplugs required.)

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