Giddy Up for Santa Anita's Burger & Brewfest

Stand on a "track-side apron" while munching, sipping, and rooting for your favorite pony.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Jan. 13
  • $40, which includes four sliders, 8 3 oz. beer tastings, and some horsey perks
  • Arcadia

The opening day party, make that parties, at Santa Anita Park were, as is tradition, lavish and lively and brimming with bubbly and packed with fancy bites and awash with general over-the-top holiday-a-tude.

Which makes sense, as the gates always open at the Arcadia manes-a-flyin' landmark just hours after Christmas end.

But now that the winter/spring meet is in full and horsey form, does that mean the celebrations of the foodliest sort have bid us bye-bye for the season at the historic horse destination?

Oh no, nope, that's a big nuh-uh: Santa Anita does like its celebrations, and the next food-centered, sip-refreshing one is trotting up as quickly as fleet-of-hoof favorite rounds the final corner.

It's the Burger & Brewfest, on Saturday, Jan. 13, and it will take place on a "track-side apron," assuring patty-seeking, foam-craving guests that they'll be pretty darn close to the action on the oval.

And the $40 admission to the foodie fest is very much about that action, in addition to the craft burgers and quality brews. Yes, that covers your eats — you'll get a quartet of sliders, plus eight 3 oz. beer tastings — but also some track excitement, too.

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So best look forward to a betting voucher worth a fiver, a racing program, entry to the club house, and a wagering tip sheet.

If some flavorful patties, some buns, some suds, and some jumping up and down adjacent to where all of the ponies run incredibly quickly sounds like a fine way to Saturday, start here. 

And do know this: The weather is taking a turn for the summery on that date, making a few hours at the track in Arcadia, with those sky-reaching palms and sky-higher mountains in view, a sublime choice for a warm winter's day.

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